south fork flathead river fishing regulations

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south fork flathead river fishing regulations

The Flathead River system is a unique fishery located around Glacier National Park and is made up of three forks which eventually drain into Flathead Lake. This river's drainage is huge, including a large part of Glacier National Park and the Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex. 406-407-1602. Fishing has proven to be a popular recreational activity here at Big South Fork. The designated river includes the North Fork, Middle Fork and South Fork above Hungry Horse Reservoir and features recreation, scenery, historic sites, unique fisheries and wildlife such as grizzly bears and wolves. Fly Fishing Near Glacier National Park. If you close your eyes and imagine a perfect Western river, you are thinking of the South Fork. The Middle Fork is paralleled by Highway 2 but access is more difficult. The South Fork flows into the Hungry Horse Reservoir, where the Hungry Horse Dam regulates the river flow into the lower portion of the river. When fishing the Middle Fork of the Flathead River from park lands or bridges, a Montana fishing license is required and state regulations are applicable. South Fork of the Flathead River Long before I had a bucket list and two pack donkeys, I yearned to hike up the South Fork of the Flathead River. "And so that would include the middle, north and south forks of the Flathead and those tributaries on those rivers," says FWP spokesperson Dillon Tabish. Regulations for marine fish, marine shellfish and marine invertebrates are listed under the Marine Zone. One begins as St. Marys River and flows south into the Maury River, but the one featured on this webpage starts near the village of Greenville and flows approximately 50 miles north and joins the North River to form the South Fork Shenandoah River. Loading ... Middle Fork Flathead River Rafting 14,900cfs - Duration: 4:39. This gin-clear river runs through the Bob Marshall Wilderness for nearly its full length, south to north. Maps: USGS Glacier National Park; Montana Atlas and Gazetteer, p 83-84 Fishing conditions and species: bull trout, cutthroat, lake trout, rainbow trout, and whitefish Access is difficult on the South Fork of the Flathead River. Flathead River Fishing Guides. Fishing the North Fork Flathead River. As a responsible angler you can do your part to preserve the environment and keep the river clean for the continued use of future generations. Shore Thing Shuttles – Mainstem above Flathead Lake. Utilizing the services of an outfitter is a great move. South Fork Flathead River is a stream located just 4.4 miles from Columbia Falls, in Flathead County, in the state of Montana, United States, near Hungry Horse, MT. Float fishing gets you to good water but some sections have high-rated whitewater so get a 3 Forks of the Flathead float map. Flathead River Shuttle – 406-890-2600. Let our professional fishing guides show you one of the most remote, trout-filled rivers in Montana on a fishing specific South Fork Flathead trip. Anglers may select only one of the following areas: A) Lake Koocanusa, or B) Hungry Horse Reservoir and South Fork Flathead River. Due to the cold, clear, low nutrient water, fly fishing in the North Fork Flathead River can be spotty. However, Montana Fishing Guides are well versed in those areas that are legal to guide on and we plan and execute expertly guided fly fishing trips on many parts of Flathead River. ** Flathead Lake (south half) Combined Use/Fishing Permit – This permit is not applicable for any other activities or use throughout the reservation except for those individuals engaged in fishing the Reservation portion of Flathead Lake. The South Fork of the Flathead begins deep in the Bob Marshall Wilderness at the confluence of Danaher Creek and Youngs Creek. Fishery: Serious smallmouth anglers know the Shenandoah as one of the top smallmouth bass rivers in the eastern US. Here at Glacier Anglers, we fish both the Middle and North Forks. The Flathead River represents the combined flow of hundreds of headwater creeks funneled from the glacial cirques of Glacier National Park and other wild places within the U.S. and Canada. The rugged area includes the landscapes of Glacier National Park and the Bob Marshall and Great Bear Wilderness areas. South Fork Flathead River is a river in Hungry Horse, MT in Flathead National Forest, Bob Marshall Wilderness, Rocky Mountains. South Fork of the Flathead 6-day Come fish untouched water. Lake Mary Ronan 30 feet of water doing well for perch. Salmon Forks Outfitters offers a one-of-a-kind horseback fly fishing trip to the headwaters of the famed South Fork of the Flathead River. We start the trip with a two-day ride (or hike) through spectacular scenery to access the starting point of the float, then spend five days fly-fishing some of the most pristine water in Montana. The Middle Fork is south of the West Entrance on Highway 2. It is essentially the same river today as it was 100 years ago. Montana's South Fork of the Flathead River: Information provided by Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks: The South Fork Flathead River originates at the confluence of Danaher and Youngs creeks in the Bob Marshall Wilderness Area and flows north, unimpeded for over half its length. the Middle Fork of the Flathead River. Fly fishing the Flathead River system provides a healthy population of native Westslope Cutthroat Trout, Bull … Fishing/Backpacking the South Fork Flathead River - Montana 2010 Matthew Yang. Middle Fork Flathead River – 7,290 CFS. It gains volume with the contributions of the White River, Big and Little Salmon creeks, Black Bear Creek, and other small tributaries. The South Fork of the Flathead River is stunning in its beauty. North Fork on the Flathead River guys fly fishing are are pulling cutthroats. South Fork Flathead River Fly Fishing is the best you will find anywhere – period. A Trip Down the South Fork of the Flathead From the Young's and Danaher Creek Confluence to Meadow Creek Gorge July, 2015 Click on any image for a larger view; Contact garya at this domain if you would like the high quality image for printing . × Announcement: Due to the COVID-19 crisis, the state of Montana has declared that mask or face covering use is required for ages five and older. Main Stem – 17,500 CFS The South Fork, which is located east of Flathead Lake and south of Glacier National Park, is one of three major forks of the mainstem Flathead River. The logistics of fishing the Flathead river from a boat are not easy. The Mountain Whitefish are doing well in the South Fork above Hungry Horse Dam using glow hooks and maggots. The memories you take home will be cherished for a lifetime. Main stem Shenandoah River is formed when the North Fork and South Fork converge at Front Royal, flows 57 miles, and empties into the Potomac River at Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. The South Fork Acclaimed as one of Montana’s most pristine and remote rivers, the Wild and Scenic South Fork of the Flathead River originates in the south end of the flows northward to Hungry Horse Reservoir. Swan Lake is open to angling for bull trout without a special permit. The Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex contains incredible remote rivers, creek and streams providing world-class blue ribbon fishing for strong wild cutthroats and native bull trout with some pushing 30 inches (Permit required. Fishing for or targeting steelhead is prohibited unless a steelhead season is specifically opened for that water (see fishing regulations for details) Sturgeon . Wayne and I had gotten into the rhythm of Young's Creek, and had The Flathead River system is a unique fishery located around Glacier National Park and is made up of three forks which eventually drain into Flathead Lake. View a map of this area and more on Natural Atlas. Horses and mules transport us, our boats and gear 20 to 26 miles (depending upon which trail we take in and the itinerary). Middle Fork Flathead River. Description The Southwest Zone is all waters draining directly to the Pacific Ocean from the Umpqua River south to the Oregon-California border, and including, the Umpqua River drainage; and those portions of Klamath River drainage in Jackson County. Tackle restrictions would apply upstream of the Teakettle fishing access site off U.S. Highway 2 near Columbia Falls. From May 1–June 15 an area extending 400 yards from shore between the Bowman Lake Ranger Station and the outlet of Bowman Lake is closed to fishing to protect spawning westslope cutthroat trout. Brandon Jacobson 4,450 views. The Bob has been on my radar for years, because inside The Bob is one of the greatest multi-day float trips in America: the South Fork of the Flathead River. Buffalo Bridge to Perma – 406-531-0003. Flows: North Fork Flathead River- 5,050 CFS. Wade with a walking stick or partner, be bear aware, and always bring your bear spray. During the summer months, numerous smaller cutthroats in the 8-12 inch range cruise the river. There are some parts of the Middle, North, and South Fork Flathead River areas, which are part of government lands, so Montana Fishing Guides does not offer trips in those areas. Floating the Gold Medal Waters at South Fork. The Middle Fork has bigger cutthroat, up to 16”- 18”, but lower numbers than the North Fork. All anglers are encouraged to check the Fish Consumption Guidelines on page 11. Boats and supplies are generally packed in on mules or horses over mountain passes to … A good start to floating the river through South Fork is just past Masonic Park: a put-in for boats called Lower Coller. It begins deep in the Bob Marshall and, ultimately, flows more than 40 miles through wilderness designation and another 20 miles through National Forest Service lands before losing itself to Hungry Horse Reservoir. Get out there and enjoy the beautiful Flathead River, have fun, and happy fishing! Don’t forget your camera on this adventure. Montana Fly Fishing Experience guides are the some of the most experienced boatmen on this beautiful stretch of river. Fishing guru A.D. Dalton outlines some of our favorite floats. Flathead River. Fishermen will find a variety of fish including bull trout and brook trout here. Years of guiding in western Montana during the summers provided me with great exposure to Montana's fabled waters, but the idea of fishing for pure strain Westslope cutthroats in the heart of the Bob Marshall Complex nagged at me right into retirement. On the upper portions of the South Fork, you can legally catch bull trout with a catch card in addition to your fishing license. South Fork Flathead River (below dam) – 5,140 CFS. There are actually two South rivers that originate in Augusta County. When fishing for bull trout each angler must have in possession a valid Bull Trout Catch Card for the specific water he/she is fishing. General location: The Middle Fork of the Flathead River serves as Glacier National Park's southwestern boundary. Included is the South Fork float. Jim Klug photo. The South Fork of the Flathead River enters the Main Stem of the Flathead about five miles below Hungry Horse Dam that forms the big Hungry Horse Reservoir on the South Fork. Typically, we start fishing both rivers in late June through September using dry flies. This cold, clear water flows into the North, South and Middle forks of the Flathead, which merge together near Columbia Falls to begin a southward journey.

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